Explore how our award-winning product with patented sensing technology could help improve the lives of many and the future of the aging society.

Nice Care Smart Elderly System

How it works?

Patients who are regularly bedridden or have incontinence issues would be wearing our Smart Diaper with a smart sensor attached to each. Each sensor can sense temperature, falls, diaper wetness, motion, and posture and send data to the transmitter via Bluetooth. The transmitter, receiving signals from multiple patients in a room, then send Wi-Fi signal to the Cloud server. Data and analytics will be displayed real-time in our Nice Care Smart Web module and App to notify caretakers when patients need a diaper change or require immediate attention, e.g., accidental falls. 


For home use, the transmitter acts as an alarm which changes colour to indicate diaper wetness and beeps when the elderly falls. Family members can use the App to monitor the patient anytime anywhere. 

Patented in the US, China, Taiwan & HK

With algorithms developed and customized for adults' urine composition and diapers' raw material and absorbent properties, the sensor works perfectly with the two sensing stripes of the smart diaper. Testing has been repeated more than a thousand of times with a margin of error lower than 5%.

Internationally Recognized and Awarded



2017 Innovation Competition  Industry Group Finals – Championship

2017 Innovation Competition  Overall Finals – Second Running-Up

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – First Runner-Up


Safety is with Us.

Conductive ink printed on the diaper layer is not in contact with the skin at all. Passed the 2002/95/EC Directive in terms of chemical uses.


Made by high-quality raw material imported from Japan, Germany and the U.S. Regularly tested against QB / T 2493 and GB 15979 standards and CE and FDA certified. 


Bluetooth embedded in the Sensor has proven no harm on health on adults. Wi-Fi used in the Alarm has lower radiation than that used in our cell phones.  

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