How does the set up work?

Step 1

Contact us to open an enterprise account. The nursing home & users will be set up on the web portal. 


Once you receive the account details, download the Nice Care Smart App to set up the hardware.

Step 2

Turn on the transmission hub to pairing mode.

Set up the transmission hub by connecting it with the Wi-Fi network in the App.

Step 3

Attach the sensor to the smart diaper.​

Pair up the user (elderly) with the sensor with 1 click in the Nice Care App.​

The system is ready for use!


Step 4

Once the sensor is paired to a user, wait till you see data showing up on the screen.


When the data shows up, try to flip the diaper and check if the posture changes on the screen within 10 seconds. If so, the system is all set and ready for use!

Step 5

Login to the web portal with the given account details.

Try testing the diaper with saline water and see the urine volume and wetness indicator changes. 

​Make sure the web portal and the app change simultaneously. 

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